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My body was born may 17, 1993, in the Netherlands. A few months later I discovered the art of movement, and since then I never stopped climbing and jumping around. People thought I was weird and I had trouble expressing myself trough words, I rather enjoyed the beauty of silence.
It was around the age of 13 that i started to record movements, and so filmmaking grew into my biggest passion.
From then on I knew what i wanted to do, and at 18 i got accepted into art school. At 19 I started to travel along the Mediterranean sea, and on to India. After 6 months in India I felt to come back, and strangely enough the Netherlands seemed more beautiful than ever before. I quickly graduated from the Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam with a bachelor of audiovisual design, and here I am.
My love for filmmaking is so strong because of my love for life. In filmmaking you can combine all the other arts, all the joys of life can be expressed. My dream is to run around and share the joy of life.

Yours truly,